Sharks and Rays

The Seychelles is home to many shark and ray species that associate themselves with the coral reefs here. Most of the larger species of sharks are found in deeper waters around the Seychelles archipelago but sometimes are seen around the inner granitic islands. The Seychelles also welcomes the whale shark, which is the largest species of fish on Earth. They are commonly seen around Mahe and Praslin from September to November although sometimes earlier in the year!



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Undoubtedly, sharks are the most successful predators in natural history. They havent underwent much evolutionary change in the 450 million years of existence, a true apex predator! They are probably the most elegant inhabitants of the ocean and have to be treated with the utmost respect. Most sharks often flee in the sight of divers but some like the nurse shark are happy to share the same space.


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Stingrays are commonly seen in the Seychelles whether you are diving, snorkelling or taking an evening stroll along the beach. They are present in the shallow areas along Grand Anse, Praslin having seen them myself at dusk. Stingrays feed on the surface of the sediment, predating on molluscs laying in the sand.


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