Bony Fishes

On this page you will find different groups of fishes such as parrotfish, rabbitfish, angelfish, anemonefish etc. They will be grouped into their respective families in galleries for you to look at. Enjoy!


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Anemonefish deserve a special mention due to fact that they have a symbiotic relationship with their host anemone. Even though anemones can sting with their tentacles, anemonefish are immune as they have a special mucous coating that protects them from the stings. The anemone itself offers food and protection in the form of shelter for the anemonefish and in return, the fish fends off parasites and would-be predators of the anemone. The anemonefish will aggressively defend their host anemone, even though it looks innocent and happy!


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Angelfishes are a conspicuous family that are found around coral reefs with their bright colours and laterally compressed bodies. They are known to significantly change in colour when entering maturity and are perceived as bold and brave as they sometimes approach divers.


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Damselfishes comprise of relatively small fishes that come in a variety of forms. They are usually seen around coral (pocilloporas) in groups swimming in and out of the branching structures. Damsels are territorial in nature, especially the threespot damsel which is very common here in the Seychelles coral reefs.


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Eels are fish belonging to the order Anguilloformes. At first glance they look menacing with their mouths open when divers encounter them. However, this is a non-threatening action as they are just actively pumping water through their gills. But be warned, they do have sharp teeth and strong jaws so be careful not to point a finger too close to them…




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Scorpion and stonefish

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Scorpaenidae are a family of venomous fishes who mostly use camouflage as part of their hunting strategy. The exception here is the lionfish which is an ambush hunter who rely on their warning colours and voraciousness to survive.


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Triggerfishes are characterised by vividly colourful patterns on their bodies in the form of lines or spots. They are known to be territorial when defending their eggs and have been known to charge at scuba divers, especially titan triggerfishes!



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The wrasses are yet another group of colourful fish that are commonly seen amongst coral reefs. The vast majority of wrasses are no more than 20cm long except for the ‘humphead wrasse’ which can reach up to 2m in length!



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