Hello and welcome to my blog!

WanderOurWay is a place where I can share our stories and photos, giving you a insight into our island life. I hope it gives you a glimpse of our day to day activities, the good, the bad and sometimes just strange!

For those reading this who don’t know our story, I am a 27 and Mathematics teacher from Liverpool, UK. I originally started teaching in the UK then moved to Spain  to teach for two years. Now after moving again I am currently working as the Head of Secondary in the International School in Praslin, Seychelles along with my fiancé, Jay. Jay has completed his Masters in Marine Biology and looking to pursue this dream further, he is currently getting lots of diving experience along with some work on reef restoration. Check out his Jaychelles section for photos and videos of all things creepy, crawly and well…wet!

I hope this gives you an insight to our amazing Island life!




Living across the world on a paradise island. Life after moving to the Seychelles!