It has been 8 months since we have moved to the Seychelles and I think I can safely say that we have settled in comfortably and are well and truly used to island life now. Here are a few more things that happened in March reflecting typical island life.


Once again we had a few bug infestations this month! Depending on the weather we get swarms of flies or insects. Of an evening we have to be careful about keeping doors or windows open, especially if we have lights on, as it is during sunset when the flying creepies come out! Some days we wake up to hundreds of flies covering the ceiling of the veranda or a carpet full of flies around the base of a lamp. We are still extremely lucky not to have come across a centipede yet!


I have said it once (ok may be more than once) and I will say it again, I will never be tired of the sunsets here! They are always so different, so stunning and just memorising!

Food and shopping

As mentioned in a recent post (Resolutions and reflections part 1) we recently had a bunch of bananas from the garden. It’s so nice to have our own fruit and veg growing and I am hoping to start growing some more goodies soon, but finding good soil is a challenge in itself! We are definitely used to the shops here now and we know where to go for certain things, or in some cases where not to buy certain items. It’s still frustrating sometimes when you really want something and you go to the shops to get it or plan a meal around a certain item and when you go it is nowhere to be seen but you just learn to adapt and may be put that particular meal off for a few days or weeks, or until you finally see that special ingredient again! Sometimes though you have a lovely surprise and see something that they have never had here before and it is very exciting (sad I know)! We have continued to get better at making things and have perfected our homemade pizzas (Jay’s cheese-less of course) and I have been making some very tasty biscuits!


For quite a few years now I have had on and off wisdom tooth pain from one particular tooth, I have had another come and go quickly and hassle free but one just won’t seem to stop bothering me! Well that pain started up again and I had a horrible few days with it, I had a dentist visit and they said I needed to get an x-ray…on Mahe! Yes, I had to go to another island for an x-ray. The dentist works on Mahe through the week then comes to Praslin on a Saturday which meant that I had to take a day off work and book a flight, luckily Jay could come with me too. It was our first time going on the domestic flight and we loved it, you can see the islands and clear waters perfectly, it did kind of feel like we were on a ride more than a plane though! I had my x-ray, luckily no teeth out for now but two more wisdom teeth to look forward to at some point! Once we had been to the dentist we had some time before our flight to explore Mahe. We were in Victoria which is the capital and it is so much busier than Praslin, the roads were crazy and we were crammed in like sardines on the buses…not very enjoyable! We took the opportunity to go for some tasty food though and went to an Indian restaurant (Maharajas on Eden Island), we ate so much it was amazing!

New experiences

Considering we live on such a small island we seem to do something random and new each month. In March we went on a night walk around the Valle de Mai. I have spoken about the Valle de Mai walk in previous posts and we have seen some really interesting wildlife here but of a night you can see many different things and of course it is much creepier! We were kind of on edge for a lot of the walk as right at the start a huge spider fell out of a tree right in front of our feet! We walked for over an hour with just our torches to see and when the guide spotted something we have to turn them off in order to scare anything away. We managed to spot chameleons, snakes, crickets and many many spiders!


Work is still going very well, last term was a very busy one but we had some lovely events too, sports day and World Book Day were some of my favourites. The Queen’s baton even paid us a visit!

Our end of term celebration was a little different this time, yes it was on a beach and yes it involved beer bobbing but this time we got caught in the rain! It was actually really nice to be in the ocean, watching the sunset in a storm with great friends.

Next term is going to be just as busy with exams and different year group transitions going on and because of my promotion! Yes, I have been promoted, woohoo!


Jay has been a very busy bee over the last few months. He now has his Advanced Open Water diving course and is just waiting to do his rescue diver course. In the meantime, he has started volunteering with the Reef Rescuers with Nature Seychelles and has been going out on dives to the coral reef nursery. He is really enjoying it and learning lots of new things, hopefully this will lead to something in the future! He has also been working on his apps, his latest one is called The Big Science Quiz (Get the app!).

Over the Easter holidays we have been doing a little bit of Island hopping so the next posts will be about our holiday adventure!

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  1. Love it Sophie, wow has it really been 8 months! Can’t wait to try your homemade pizzas ❤️

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