R & R Part 2

Sometimes the simple moments are the most special. We always make sure that we go for walks along the beach and take in all its beauty, we are very lucky to live right on the beach and have even more gorgeous and quiet beaches just around the corner! Some people might think you could get bored of this but there is always something new to see or something you didn’t notice the last time.

During one of our walks in February we spotted a beached eel. It was still alive but was near death, Jay put it back in the water and eventually the eel swam back out to join the ocean. We have seen quite a few interesting things the last few months, a juvenile hammerhead shark was another to add to the growing list when we were bobbing in the shallows with some friends. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a camera at hand but it was amazing to see; they are such strange looking creatures

I was extremely happy in February because I was very lucky to have one of my best friends come out to visit us! Laura has to be the best visitor, she was number one visitor in Spain and I am sure this visit is one of many to come in the Seychelles too! Luckily while Laura was here, I only had a few days in work and then we had a few days off so we had plenty time to show her the island and catch up!

First up, tapas bar, Laura obviously had to be introduced to the island’s night life straight away! After realising that the music wasn’t of modern times like that in London, she was quickly accustomed with the local Takamaka rum…

She also soon learnt to hold on to the scooter instead of lifting her arms as if on a rollercoaster ride, (even though on some of the coast rides it feels like it). She even survived a trip to the shops with me driving!

Laura was also well acquainted with the diverse sea life and beautiful beaches in no time; she was quite a natural to island life… although she didn’t get used to the crabs popping up on the beach like the whack a mole game.

Unfortunately, we did have just a bit of rain during the holiday too. With a cancelled boat trip we had to improvise and had a rainy day BBQ instead. Sometimes it’s the unplanned days that end up the best!

We managed to fit a walk in and take in the views before a storm hit us.

In the heat and humidity, you can’t really hike gracefully….

And what are friends for if not to take the best photos of each other!

We did have some fun walking home in the storm even if some locals did stop just to point and laugh!

Luckily the rain didn’t stay for long and we had some more beautiful days and could show Laura the stunning island of La Digue.

After the hiking and biking up and down hills in La Digue, we planned some pamper time…and where else but Raffles! We had a fabulous breakfast followed by prosecco-filled chilled time at the pool!

It was so lovely having Laura here and showing her our beautiful home! It’s not the same as just sending photos or explaining to people on Whatsapp or even on the blog for that matter (although I do hope it helps people reading this create more of a picture). It’s something that just has to be experienced first-hand. We added some wonderful memories to our collection and I can’t wait for Laura’s next visit!

So a week later and it was my birthday!

I had a lovely birthday surprise from Jay, including singing waiters and we also decided to rearrange the boat trip for the weekend of mine and a friend’s birthdays!

We had a gorgeous day riding around the island with lovely friends and there was plenty of laughter, swimming and snorkelling with only a few rocky sways from the tide!

I received the best parcel yet, well three in fact, full of birthday goodies from my parents! It’s always very exciting to get post here even though it does take a long time to arrive!

Having visitors and celebrating special occasions like birthdays always makes me think of our family and friends from home and how much we miss everyone! During this month it was also Mother’s day and of course Jay and I would have loved so much to see our mums and give them their cards and presents in person but at the same time we know how proud they are of us being here.

Something else that made me miss home a lot this month was the birth of my amazing friend’s baby boy.

I am so sad to have missed out on not only the pregnancy but the baby shower and now the first cuddles with this little cutie. He will be so much bigger when I finally get to meet him. I am very proud of my friend Mary and I know that her and Sam are going to be amazing parents, he is the luckiest little boy. It was also our beautiful nieces first birthday! Baby Eva is a baby no more, she is walking around, intrigued by everything she sees and learning new things every day.

We are just waiting for the day she understands facetime but for now we will just have to be the cool auntie and uncle who live far away on mysterious lands and sends presents, we all know they are the best kind!



3 thoughts on “R & R Part 2”

  1. Another great blog Sophie, what a time you are both having, I miss the two of you so much but as you say I am very proud of you both, look forward to the next blog x

  2. Miss you every day but would never change things?What an opportunity and so glad you are enjoying Island Life so much X X

  3. Aww this made me smile reading this!! I had such a good time and can’t wait to see you guys again!!! Miss you both xxx

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