Resolutions and Reflections Part 1

I am writing this post, sat on our sunny terrace over-looking the beach whilst listening to the rising tide lap against the granite rocks and I’m feeling very satisfied that we have just picked our first bunch of bananas from the garden. Since living here, we have had a range of goodies from our gardens but for some reason bananas definitely have that island ring to them.

It has been a while since I last posted and every weekend I say I will write a catch up post but we end up with plans or have work to do or more often than not, it’s that the beach is calling. So much has happened since new year and I will try and pick some highlights.

January felt like it only lasted a week or so; the first fortnight of school after Christmas felt super busy with lots to do and a lot going on, we also had a few weekends where there wasn’t too much to do due to adverse weather. When it is grey and rainy here there just isn’t much to do at all, this is when a hard drive full of programs and films is a life saver! Luckily because we hadn’t long moved into the new place, we still had lots to sort out and we had some time to focus on making it homely. We were also still getting used to the visitors, and not just the tourists taking photos outside, the ones with more than two legs.

Every full moon we end up with giant mangrove crabs roaming around, coming inside, getting stuck or falling off things (we only notice these ones when we get a whiff with a breeze). This guy appeared in the living room one day, since then we have had another in the wardrobe and one in the bedroom trapped behind the guitar case. They are the ninjas of crustacean world; we never see them come in but they give themselves up when they manage to get into a tiny space and realise they are stuck and get really angry!

The geckos are still our favourite house guests, especially here since we have the green day geckos, they are a bit move inquisitive than other gecko species and we constantly have eggs hatching; it’s like a crèche for little baby geckos to run around in. The freshly hatched ones like to jump on you to see what you are as well and run up and down your arm.

We are loving the different plants and trees we have here. I have been super happy making guacamole with our fresh avocados! We constantly have fresh mangoes; every night we hear the big bangs of mangoes falling around the house.

We had some trouble with the internet at the start of the year, the company are just so laid back about things, they actually said to us one day that it would be a few weeks until we had it but we could have a calendar instead. Thankfully it got sorted out and we are back to rationing out the facetimes and skypes with people.

At the end of January, I was very lucky to be part of a turtle release at one of the hotels here. It was the cutest thing ever but makes me so sad that most of the little guys won’t even last a few days!

A week later we spent the day on a catamaran with some lovely friends who work at a hotel and we were lucky enough to swim with a turtle. It was so chilled out and happy to swim with us, and was such an amazing experience!

In February, a group of us decided to go and see a local football match. They have a stadium here and a few local teams. This match was Cote D’or versus St George of Ethiopia for the CAF Champions League.  Apparently, because it wasn’t two local teams against each other, the atmosphere was different to usual, we have been told that the women get very passionate and rowdy, with some causing some trouble usually! It was still a great atmosphere and we never witnessed any unto warding behaviour, both teams had people playing music and banging drums and the crowd got really into it, shouting and cheering. I don’t think the boys were very impressed by the football skills that day but it was a great experience and clearly a highlight event on the island with a lot of people there, including half the kids from school!

Of course on Valentine’s day, what else could we do but go and watch the sunset. We packed a towel and some beers and strolled around the corner to a private little beach.

Sitting on a rock we reflected on our time here so far. It had been nearly six months since we moved here, time had gone so quickly but what amazing memories we have made already. We always say that we don’t want to move back to the UK, but right now I can’t even imagine moving to a city or generally anywhere that has a fast pace of life, traffic or queues (although some Seychellois could do with understanding queuing sometimes). Looking out at the beautiful sunset just makes me so proud of what we are doing and my only resolution for 2017 is to continue to do what makes me happy and make sure we live our life to the max!


6 thoughts on “Resolutions and Reflections Part 1”

  1. Once again Sophie, I have loved reading your update, can’t wait to read some more of you excellent adventures, the two of you make me so proud xx

  2. Sophie this is lovely! First time I’ve had a chance to sit and have a read!! I didn’t know you were getting crabs in the house that’s hilarious!!!

  3. Lovely hearing about your island life looking forward to the next chapter ??????☀️???
    Tracy xx

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