New year, new home!

I woke up around dusk on new year’s day and wondered where I was. We had a few drinks the evening before to welcome the new year and it took me a while to realise the view I could see straight ahead of me was not from a friend’s window but the picturesque view in our new pad!

We are now living on the top floor in a large house that has been separated into two apartments, but nobody will be living below for now at least. We are very lucky; it is huge yet still feels homely and nice and it is even called ‘O-La-La’. There is a lovely breeze from the ocean so it stays cool. The garden is full of different trees and plants and lots of lovely fruits! We have mangoes, passion fruit, star fruit, guava, papaya, bananas and avocados… we will have to get our green fingers ready and keep on top of it. Of course, being in the Seychelles, that is not all the garden is full of; there are lots of creepy crawlies. But they seem to prefer the house, they have had it empty for years after all. We had to claim the bed back from a gecko, we had a battle with thousands of ants in the pantry (yes, we have a pantry) and since we have stumbled upon a small dead scorpion, cockroaches (unfortunately not dead), wasps and lots of their nests, many harvestmen and a resident palm spider living in the bathroom. To my family reading this, no I still don’t deal with anything that crawls or flies well, there are plenty of squeals and leaping from me!

Here are some snaps…

Jay in the main bedroom. Who wants curtains when you have a view like this…

I am very excited to have a walk in wardrobe, complete with ray light!


Also a pantry that I am sure we will never fill…

Wrap around terrace.

Our new neighbour out on his boat.

We are looking forward to making some happy memories here with friends and of course (visiting) family.

Prepare yourselves for many more sunset photos.

2 thoughts on “New year, new home!”

  1. Love the sting ray light fittings
    Views to die for……….must book our next trip✈️✈️✈️✈️

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