Happiness is…

Lying in a hammock reflecting on the fabulous things we have seen and done this month.

We started off November on half term and kicked off with a hike to Anse Georgette. It was a very hot and sweaty walk but definitely worth it! The views were amazing!

Usually on a walk you go up the mountain, see the view, then go back down. However, this walk definitely had its advantages and a bigger incentive; Anse Georgette is a beach that is only accessible through the mountain walk or through Lemuria hotel. The reward of a paradise beach with white sand and clear waters waiting at the end of a walk was perfect.

Unfortunately, this beach is known for rough waters and high waves. It was fine to cool down in but on this day the waves were so high that it was quite dangerous! Although the currents were too strong for us, they were not too much for the dolphins we seen. It was beautiful, the Sun had started to set and they dolphins were jumping and swimming around carelessly. It was a lovely moment to share with our friends.

The beautiful colours of the sunset made for some great photos on the camera.

Jay and I have had some lovely little days out exploring this month. Going for drives and finding little beaches and coves. I have started to collect some shells and want to do some homemade decorations for the house (more on this soon). I am still amazed at some of the views and sights as we drive around the island, it is just so pretty!

We went on another boat trip this month but this time to see some more island and snorkelling sights.

We stopped near Felicite Island and Coco Island for some snorkeling and along with seeing many new and colourful fish we had an amazing opportunity to swim with a Hawksbill sea turtle. It was huge and very inquisitive. They are such lovely animals.

We then movedĀ on to Curieuse island for a BBQ and drinks with the tortoises and watched the sunset from the beach before heading back.

We had some news this month and unfortunately we have to move out of our house! The landlord is putting the rent up and neither the school nor us can afford it. So at the end of the year we will be saying goodbye to the beach at the bottom of the garden but we will be saying hello to a gorgeous apartment called O-La-La with fabulous views of the Indian Ocean and neighbouring islands, it means we have to cross the road to the beach but I am sure we can manage that! We are very excited! (Post and pictures of the move to come soon).

There is a lot to look forward to next month; moving into a new home, my parents visiting and our first Christmas in the Seychelles!

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  1. Aww no way! I didn’t know about your house news! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new place though. Be careful crossing that road to the beach ? xx

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